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Diest - Belgium

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Professional massagetherapist and male companion

Bookings worldwide.


You can always reach me at my mail address, this is also the only place where I share some photos and news about myself.

You always have an answer within five hours or faster.


Everything you tell or ask me is strictly personal and I will always protect your privacy.

What keeps me busy :

Value for me is what is in your head, the person you are and the person you are always striving for.

That's why I like cozy conversations with depth.

A day with me will always end in warmth and cosiness.

even after a concert, for example.

I must tell you that my interests are very broad.

This goes from the interest for older cars, taking care of my many houseplants, enjoying music and art, the joy of good food "I love good food"

reading books,

to self-study and also sports.

And a few others..

Email : hello-and-welcome@outlook.com

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